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Leadership training for professionals who are not getting the guidance they need at work.

Online courses that build the behaviors that make leaders and teams
more successful.


Eliminate the stress of feeling under-prepared to lead teams


Learn the skills needed to get better results from others


Learn the psychology of better teamwork


Increase self-confidence when leading


With our 30-day money-back guarantee


Expert instruction

Courses are delivered by an expert trainer with 20 years of experience in professional teams.


Practical skills

Participants walk away with practical skills that can be used immediately in their daily work.


Practical skills

All courses are designed with intimate knowledge of the latest best practices in the workplace.

"I feel better able to direct group conversations in my leadership role."



"Great, thought-provoking concepts."



Fill your “leadership void”
with GPC Academy

Recently promoted to a leadership position and feeling overwhelmed?

Curious about becoming a leader and not sure what's required?

Currently trying to lead a team and struggling to get the results you want?

We all hear a lot about “corporate training”, where organizations invest in their people by developing them professionally.

But what if your organization doesn’t do this?

What if you’re expected to be a productive professional without being given the guidance to get you there?

What if you’re expected to lead others without ever being shown how to be a leader?

Non-profits, a small organization, or a large corporation without a learning and development department don’t have the resources to train you.
This gap in leadership training can get frustrating and stressful — which doesn’t do you, your family or your employer any good.
We can help you fill the void in your leadership abilities and impart the skills needed to improve your situation.

The GPC Academy’s course teaches you how to:


Put into play the activities and behaviors that make leaders and teams successful.


Establish psychological safety, which is the most important factor in a group's success.


Be able to ask for, receive, and give feedback productively within team environments.

What is GPC Academy?

GPC Academy is the online training portal for Growth Partners Consulting, which is where leaders and professionals come to learn new skills.

We believe in partnering high-quality content based on learning practical skills with the best trainers in the business.


Who’s your course instructor?

Amy Drader is the owner of Growth Partners Consulting (GPC) and has almost 20 years of experience in leading teams and leadership training/coaching in both the private and public sectors — from federal government to healthcare and retail.

Her focus is on creating better leaders and the courses are designed and delivered by her. She shares both the insights and the skills she has acquired over the years.


Certified coach with the International Coach Federation


Senior Professional HR certification with the Human Resources Certification Institute


BA in Communication Studies


MA in Human Resource Development

Amy has also regularly contributed to the wider body of understanding about professional development with published articles in Fast Company, Life Hacker and Insights for Professionals.

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What will you learn?

The course is divided into three main sections. Each section includes video-based instruction from Amy, activities to build knowledge and skills, and reading exercises.

For each section, you’ll receive a “tip sheet” that includes all the main points from the course for convenient future use.

Team Leadership, The Basics

We will go through the five components of high-performing teams and the leadership behaviors and activities that go with each: defined goals, clear roles/processes, productive conflict, routine debriefs, and psychological safety.

You will then create a personalized team leadership action plan to help you become the leader you want to be.


Uncover your strengths and weaknesses in the five components with the Team Leadership Self-Assessment.


Learn over 10 specific techniques and activities to advance team performance.


Support your skill-building and development with a template for action planning.


Team Psychological Safety

Team Psychological Safety is about creating an environment of open dialogue that gives people the confidence that the leader or team members will not punish them for speaking up. You will learn how to establish this in your teams:


Learn the role the leader and team play in establishing psychological safety.


Learn the exact words and phrases for leaders and teams to use to boost psychological safety.


Take part in five activities that can be used immediately to foster greater psychological safety.


All Things Feedback

Asking for, receiving, and giving feedback is fundamental to effective leadership and teamwork — even if you disagree with it or think that it’s misguided. This course helps you with the following feedback techniques:


Two specific ways to ask for feedback that will improve its effectiveness and impact.


Exact words and phrases to use when giving feedback to make it more meaningful and empowering for others.


A simple framework that takes the fear out of giving feedback.


“The ideas are doable, practical and there are great references for future use."




The course has been made purposely accessible and affordable for all aspiring leaders—because we recognize that this training is likely self-funded.

All Things Feedback

Normally $199—save 50% today!

Now $99

What can you expect?

By the end of the GPC Academy course, you can expect to be armed with all you need to feel more confident and be more productive at work.

No more stress and frustration at your bosses for not doing more to develop your talents!

Here’s a reminder of what you can expect with our course:


Study at your own pace online


Learn the latest leadership techniques


Delivery by an experienced trainer


Learn how to create more effective teams


Learn practical skills that can be applied directly at work


Leadership training at affordable rates

Even better news: taking a course is risk-free with our guarantee…

30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee 1.png

30-day money-back guarantee

If you pay for the course and are unhappy with it in any way, we offer a 30-day refund from the date of purchase.

"This course helped me to be more honest with myself in regards to organizing my leadership goals."


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