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Learn how to conduct effective one-on-one check-ins with your direct reports—for FREE!

Mini-course for new and established leaders, covering all you need to enable better engagement and results from one-on-one sessions:

Discover how to turn one-on-one check-ins into powerful problem-solving tools

Improve team relationships and promote better performance

Practical tips on conducting effective sessions to make you a better manager

Help employees prepare for their check-ins and get a step-by-step “cheat sheet” for conducting sessions

Promote better engagement with apathetic or unmotivated team members

Free guidance from a leadership expert with 20 years of experience


Many leaders have never been
taught to lead!

New managers often feel disengaged from their teams, and even some established leaders are unaware that one-on-one check-ins can be a powerful tool for enhancing engagement with team members.

Most leaders are poor at conducting these sessions—often because they’ve been thrust into leadership positions because they were good at their jobs, not because they’ve been trained in leadership.

In truth, many leaders dread these check-ins as much as team members do. But they know they’re important and believe they’re responsible for scheduling, conducting and controlling the sessions.

The employee should play a key role and the manager is there to listen, ask questions, and guide in an open and non-threatening environment.

Our mini-course helps to address this and other common failings of one-on-one sessions, providing leaders with everything they need to run more effective meetings with team members and promote better performance.

It’s 100% FREE!

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